Living at Fernlea

Where YOU choose how to live YOUR life

Living at Fernlea

Where YOU choose how to live YOUR life

Living at Fernlea

We ensure that every resident continues to enjoy all aspects of their daily lives, which includes recreational, cultural, social and occupational activities.

We understand that we are more than a provider of care services, we are the home of our residents and it is important to us that they quickly develop a sense of ownership. We encourage social interaction and we understand that social interaction and relationships can be formed from a diversity of reasons, for example; age, religion, gender, social background, or commonality. With this in mind Fernlea has been specifically designed to provide residents with shared living space that is flexible enough to enable them to choose the range and diversity of their social interaction.

Our Restaurant

A dining experience

Our catering team work closely with residents to produce a varied menu incorporating individual choices and traditional favourites. Our spacious restaurant serves high quality meals made from fresh ingredients sourced from preferred suppliers, to ensure a balanced nutritional diet.

The décor and location of the restaurant encompass natural sunlight and the quality dining furniture creates a warm and inviting atmosphere which enhances the dining experience. When the sun is shining, an alfresco dining experience can be offered in the courtyard outside the restaurant.

The Restaurant is independent from the home and offers a lovely opportunity for friends and relatives to choose from our very reasonably priced menu to join their loved ones for a meal or at the bistro area which offers hot drinks and snacks throughout the day.

Shared Living

 Shared Living

The capacity for social activity will vary according to the individual and special support and assistance will be given when appropriate. We will strive to make the routines of daily living flexible and varied to suit the expectations, preferences and capabilities of our residents and we will support residents to maintain external social relationships.

The shared living spaces are equipped with high quality seating, occasional tables, large screen TV with Sky access (where appropriate) and have WiFi access. The main lounge has a large divider that incorporates a 2.4m long aquarium, hosting an abundance of tropical fish.

Each lounge looks out to landscaped gardened areas, bringing the outside living areas inside, the first floor lounge has a balcony where residents can sit out and enjoy the view over Torkington Park.

Involvement and Inclusion


We treat our residents with due respect and courtesy, remembering at all times their individuality, their importance in society and their right to be an independent citizen.

We provide a high quality of accommodation for our residents comfort and well-being and we listen to their views and opinions and provide them with the opportunity to be an active part of our community and influence how the service is run.

Entertainment Programme

Events Programme

We encourage our residents to live a fulfilling and active lifestyle and our events programme is designed to support this. Planned in collaboration with our residents, the programme includes events such as Quiz Nights, Cheese & Wine Evenings and the short trips out.

We have an active pen-pal exchange programme with our other homes in the group and we like to encourage our resident’s families and friends to get involved in our events.

Outside Living

 A room with a view

The large gardens at the rear enjoy woodland surroundings and views over the local park. Our ground floor rooms have private access to the gardens through patio doors. Surrounded by large mature trees, there is large open lawned areas and numerous seating areas which allow residents to enjoy the gardens. With raised flower beds and specially selected plants, our sensory garden allows residents to explore their senses through nature.